About us

Lilly Pilly is operated by Lilly Pilly (Qld) Inc, a Not For Profit Incorporated Association in Queensland and Registered ACNC Charity.

Name: Lilly Pilly (Qld) Inc
ABN: 22 541 384 900
NFP Registration Number: IA56210 (Qld)

At Lilly Pilly, we work with families to encourage positive interaction between children and their parents and to support the strengthening of these relationships.

The fact is, parents and children can be separated for a variety of reasons. Separation brings difficulties and many mixed emotions.

Lilly Pilly recognise that parents may find the presence of a contact supervisor at their visits stressful and challenging. However, the overall aim of contact supervision is to assist you and your child to have an enjoyable and positive experience.

We understand every situation is very different and there is no perfect solution to the time children spend with their parents.

Over time, and where possible and safe to do so, parents are encouraged to move to self-management of their arrangements for spending time with the child.`