Supervised Contact – (Mon – Thurs, Sun)
* High Risk – $160.00 per hour (eg. Dept of Child Safety / Dept of Corrections involvement)
* Low Risk – $125.00 per hour
* Off-Site – $160.00 per hour (includes Travel Time – time charged return Lilly Pilly office)
Changeover – (Mon – Thurs, Sun) – $50.00 each changeover (at centre)
Child Transport – (Mon – Sun) – $125.00 per hour (charged to/from Centre) – when available
Preparation of Documents/Reports – $250.00 + $125.00 per hour
Appearance in Court – $160.00 per hour (charged ex Centre)
surcharges may apply on Public Holidays


Payment for each contact visit / service is required 2 days (cleared) prior to the arranged visit. Payment is accepted by
bank deposit / internet transfer.
The time taken to transfer money between banks varies and 2-3 days can be expected. Lilly Pilly requires payments /
transfers to be made 4-5 working days ahead of the scheduled service to allow for the funds to arrive in the Lilly Pilly
account 3 days prior to the scheduled service.

Lilly Pilly accepts payments either as direct deposit or internet bank transfer:

Account Name: Lilly Pilly (Qld) Inc.
Bank: St George Bank
BSB: 114 879
Account: 4233 66979
Reference: (childs name)

When making payments online please reference with either child/family name, invoice number or some other
reference number so your payment is allocated to your account.

Once you have completed the transfer please notify the Lilly Pilly office either by phone/ fax/ email to advise payment
has been made and the reference used.

If notifying by email of a payment, please email to the following address:

Lilly Pilly will respond to your email and should you not receive a response, please make contact with the Lilly Pilly
office to ensure we are aware of the funds deposit.

Should you require more information please contact the office: 07 5547 3601 or 0418 878 767

In cases of emergency only outside of business hours, please call our after-hours support: 0418 878 767.