Supervised Contact / Change Over Procedure & Payment

Lilly Pilly’s enables contact arrangements to occur with a minimum of stress for both children and parents. Supervised Contact can also help with establishing a relationship between children and parents when there has been a period of limited or no contact.

Lilly Pilly’s provide a safe and supportive environment through:

  • Allowing children to go from one parent to another without being exposed to conflict
  • Children are able to maintain a relationship with their other parent or family member with out any pressure
  • Ensuring that the child’s best interests are always the first priority during the visit
  • Making the parent or loved one feel welcomed to have contact with the child on neutral ground

Lilly Pilly recognises that contact visits, where court ordered or by agreement, are an opportunity for families to maintain ongoing relationships or develop new ones, by giving parents and significant others, with whom the children do not live, the opportunity to meet in a safe, relaxed and non‐judgmental environment.

Please be aware that while Lilly Pilly seeks to assist, it is not our role to negotiate between the parties and we ask that the initial arrangements regarding the visitation/transportation be developed and agreed upon and then provided to Lilly Pilly. Any ongoing changes to those arrangements should be managed in the same way.


1. Lilly Pilly is approached by a family or their legal representatives regarding supervision of supervised contact/transportation of the children/young people.

2. Intake forms are submitted by both parties . >> click here to fill form <<

3. Lilly Pilly will contact parties to discuss Visitation/transportation details. This includes, but is not limited to, where the children/young people reside, where the parent(s) reside– who may/may not attend the visit, any special medical/dietary/psychological needs of the children that must be observed, some family history, details about court orders, details about any restraints such as DVOs, and safety concerns involving the children and others.

4. Once intake has been approved parties can make a booking via below appointment portal.

5. You receive confirmation of payment being received and a scheduled visit.

6. Access visit/transportation takes place at the agreed time.

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